Alternative Kreuzberg

Berlin’s Kreuzberg neighborhood has a long history of alternative culture, self-organized initiatives, civil-society activism and urban experimentation. This former fringe area of West Berlin, bordering the Berlin Wall, became a central district in a major European city practically overnight in … Continue reading


Berlin offers a great range of fascinating examples regarding creative CoHousing projects dealing with current challenges such as rising rents, changes in climate and demography, privatization and individualization. Our housing tours allow participants to get to know Berlin’s DIY, community-oriented … Continue reading

Green & Garden

Act local, think global! Urban gardens create a unique atmosphere and improve the quality of life in their neighborhoods. Local green initiatives also provide spaces and opportunities for exchange and learning about sustainable food production, natural diversity as well as … Continue reading


Experiencing Berlin’s East Spree riverfront means taking a walk on the edge between control and chaos. While the “Mediaspree” plan has proposed to bring in new media companies, global investors and corporate headquarters, citizens’ groups are fighting to maintain public … Continue reading

Sustainable Architecture

Sustainable architecture is way more than just a green facade. During the tour we look at examples that address different aspects of sustainability: ecological, affordable, community oriented housing, neighborhood gardens and experimental temporal structures from recycled materials. We talk about … Continue reading