You want to discover Berlin, away from standardized routes and generally known landmarks? Then explore Berlin with id22, the institute for creative sustainability!

Do-it-yourself urban development, co-housing, neighborhood gardens, ecological architecture, neighborhood initiatives, places of community involvement. Join us through the everyday and special Berlin!

Due to the emerging crises, we offer online as well as on-site educational opportunities: We are happy to plan tours, visits and workshops together with you and create individual, also digital, presentations on various topics and locations. Write to us further on:

Alternative Kreuzberg

Berlin’s Kreuzberg neighborhood has a long history of alternative culture, self-organized initiatives and urban experimentation. This former fringe area of West Berlin, bordering the Berlin Wall, became a central district in a major European city practically overnight in 1990. Urban regeneration experiments, open lots, squats, … » more

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Creative Sustainability Workshop

We have a bottom-up and a very interdisciplinary approach to sustainability that combines architecture, urban planning, geography, arts and social science. Our Creative Sustainability Workshops look at creative and participatory solutions as well as at practical ideas of how we can improve our cities and … » more

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