How long are the tours?
The tours are typically walking tours of approx. 3-4 km lasting from 2-3 hours. We are happy to combine workshops and discussions with our tours.

For which ages are the tours appropriate?
Tours are offered for groups of students, experts or interested individuals. Special tours are also offered for school groups from ages 16 and above.

Do you offer tours on specific topics?
Yes, if you contact us with your ideas, we can design a tour focusing on your special interests in the realm of urban development, culture or ecology.

What are the minimum and maximum numbers of participants for a group tour?
We are happy to discuss this. Groups are usually between 5 and 25 people.

Do you only offer walking tours?
Our regular tours  – and what we really like doing – and highly recommend –  are walking tours.

Are there external experts on the tours?
With advance notice, discussions can be organized with involved activists and experts.

Are there breaks for food and drink on the tours?
A short break is usually scheduled in our regular tours. With advance notice, we can organize reservations in a café or restaurant.