about us

creative sustainability tours berlin are coordinated by
id22: Institute for Creative Sustainability.

our philosophy

These pioneering tours help you discover Berlin’s unique, local initiatives:
DIY and open-source-urbanism, grassroots projects including cooperative housing, community gardens, ecological architecture, self-organized cultural spaces and much more. These best practices demonstrate that sustainability is not just an academic concept, but a visible part of our daily lives.

creative sustainability tours berlin are suitable for both residents and visitors, experts, students, activists as well as youth, and are presented in both English and German (other languages by request).

our guides

Dr. Michael A. LaFond

University research, teaching and publications deal with self-organized, civil society-initiated, re-developments of vacant land and buildings, informal planning, innovative uses of environmental technologies and democratizations of urban planning processes.

Larisa Tsvetkova

Studied architecture and gained practical experience in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Graduated in Germany with the degree Master of Architecture. Since 2012 living and working in Berlin with id22, since 2017 working as a research associate at the TU Brunswick. Main fields of interest are cooperative self-organized housing, inclusion and accessibility, diversity and participation.

Thomas Honeck creative sustainability tours berlin
Thomas Honeck

Cities, being the most complex of human artifacts, fascinate me! My special interest is urban diversity and the meeting point of creative and sustainable oriented grassroots movements and urban planning and governmental actions. What potentials can these movements provide? And are there forms of civil participation more natural than with conventional instruments?