Berlin offers a great range of fascinating examples regarding creative CoHousing projects dealing with current challenges such as rising rents, changes in climate and demography, privatization and individualization. Our housing tours allow participants to get to know Berlin’s DIY, community-oriented housing projects, such as the cooperatives Spreefeld, Holzmarkt, Forum Kreuzberg, Möckernkiez and Werkpalast. These examples and others contribute to an incredible Berlin diversity of cooperative, environmental and affordable housing forms serving a sustainable urban development culture. Berlin social housing innovations include multi-generational, barrier-free and affordable renovations of existing buildings, plus-energy communities, gender-oriented projects, cooperatives, socially inclusive housing and much more. To introduce the variety of Berlin CoHousing cultures, we organize visits to projects, meetings with experts and activists as well as discussions and conferences.


Spreefeld Berlin

An innovative combination of private and public uses, temporary and permanent projects, living and working, urban farming and culture. Is that possible? “Yes, of course!”, say the architects Zusammenarbeiter, Spreefeld project planners. Emerging on a field attractively located on downtown Berlin’s riverside, the Spreefeld is a unique experiment of cooperative self-organization and direct citizens’ participation.

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Forum Kreuzberg

Developed as a cooperative residential community, the Forum-Kreuzberg houses a great variety of pioneering projects and initiatives including a community college, kindergarten, health care practice, theater, workshops and artists’ studios taking part in the modern history of community-oriented projects in Berlin.

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The Spree and its shore

The East Spree area is at the same time a much fought over development area and a center for alternative and improvised culture. People from around the world come here to enjoy underground clubs and subcultures of all kinds. While many now want to live here – others want to invest here.