Experiencing Berlin’s East Spree riverfront means taking a walk on the edge between control and chaos. While the “Mediaspree” plan has proposed to bring in new media companies, global investors and corporate headquarters, citizens’ groups are fighting to maintain public access to the river and encourage affordable housing. These communities on the edges of Kreuzberg, Mitte and Friedrichshain were for decades restricted by the Berlin Wall that divided them. Now empty buildings and vacant lots have been rediscovered. The last squats, beach bars and a variety of temporary projects are rapidly losing ground to new office, hotel and housing developments. The tour moves through this unique laboratory-situation and invites you to consider the opportunities for a sustainable future. Explore a range of urban gardening and farming projects, riverfront beach bars and clubs, old and new collaborative housing projects and much more. The Spree Tour can be on foot, with a bicycle or even with a boat!


Forum Kreuzberg

Developed as a cooperative residential community, the Forum-Kreuzberg houses a great variety of pioneering projects and initiatives including a community college, kindergarten, health care practice, theater, workshops and artists’ studios taking part in the modern history of community-oriented projects in Berlin.

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The Spree and its shore

The East Spree area is at the same time a much fought over development area and a center for alternative and improvised culture. People from around the world come here to enjoy underground clubs and subcultures of all kinds. While many now want to live here – others want to invest here.