cancellation policy


1) Conclusion of contract
The contract comes into effect between id22 Institute for Creative Sustainability eV (from now own referred to as id22) and the contracting party (from now on referred to as “client”) under the following conditions:

A written acceptance by the contractual partner of a written offer by id22. In case confirmation of interest is not received within 7 days, id22 reserves itself the option to withdraw from or reformulate the offer.
Through the conclusion of this contract, the client accepts the following terms and conditions as binding.

2) Terms of payment
The amount agreed upon should be paid before the tour.
The sum agreed upon is transferred to the bank account communicated on the invoice, with explicit reference to the Invoice number and tour or workshop date.
id22 is not expected to send reminders of payment. The responsibility to promptly pay for the tour lies with the customer.

3) Programme alterations
In case of changes and deviations from the agreed contents of the contract independent from id22’s responsibility (e.g. force majeure, terrorism, strike, fire), no refund can be claimed.
Should given conditions require it (e.g. weather or road conditions), each guide may modify the tour as appropriate.
id22 is not responsible for the services of third-parties (e.g. gastronomic or public transport services).

4) Withdrawal by the client and modifications in bookings
In case of cancellations by the client
7 weekdays prior to the tour, 50 percent of the agreed fee will have to be paid.
less than 24 hours before the tour, 80 percent of the agreed fee will have to be paid.
if the group does not show up at the meeting point, id22 retains the fee in full.
In case the number of participants differs from the contract
id22 will charge the full price, even if there are less participants than agreed upon.
If 10% more participants show up, id22 reserves the right to charge an extra amount per person.

If a bigger number of participants has not been communicated before the beginning of the tour, id22 has the right to exclude the participants if the maximum group size has already been reached and if the staff capacity is insufficient.
Booked tours can be rebooked for money, if the request is made at least 72 hours prior to the tour to id22 in writing. If rebookings after the 72-hours time limit cannot be organised, the tour must be fully paid.

5) Withdrawal by CSTB
id22 reserves the right to withdraw from the contract in following cases:

In case of illness or non-appearance of the tour guide.
In case of ‘force majeure’ event.
If the safety of the participants cannot be guaranteed.
If participants are disturbing the tour, pose a risk to traffic safety or make any anti-constitutional statements or promote anti-constitutional propaganda.
In the cases 1-3 the participation fee will be refunded completely. In case n°4 the participation fee will not be reimbursed.

6) Delay of a group
If participants are not at the meeting point at the agreed time, they fall behind.
If the participants do not show up after 15 minutes, they lose their right to the execution of the tour.
id22 reserves the right to shorten the tour by the relevant amount of time.
In these cases, id22 has the right to claim the participation fee for the event. Even if the participants would like to end the tour earlier, the whole tour price will be charged.

7) Data Protection
See privacy-policy.

January, 2023