Creative Sustainability Workshop

We have a bottom-up, interdisciplinary approach to sustainability that combines architecture, urban planning, geography, arts and social science. Our Creative Sustainability Workshops look at creative and participatory solutions as well as at practical ideas of how we can improve our cities and lifestyles. The main focus is self-organisation: we do not want to wait for sustainability, but rather act already now to achieve small steps on the way to a sustainable city and society. Therefore, we look at real examples and work in a dialogue to reflect on what sustainability really means.

Interactive and informative Creative Sustainability Workshops in English and German languages are suitable for experts, students as well as school groups. We recommend combining a morning tour with a workshop in the afternoon to form a full-day program, but it is also possible to request just one workshop with a duration of 1 to 3 hours.

Creative Sustainability Workshops are organized in the community spaces of the Spreefeld Cooperative, which is a unique opportunity and an interesting experience, as this is one of the most experimental sustainable living and working projects in Berlin. It is possible to organize a coffee break, lunch or dinner at Spreefeld or in one of the other local projects in Mitte-Kreuzberg.


Spreefeld Berlin

An innovative combination of private and public uses, temporary and permanent projects, living and working, urban farming and culture. Is that possible? “Yes, of course!”, say the architects Zusammenarbeiter, Spreefeld project planners. Emerging on a field attractively located on downtown Berlin’s riverside, the Spreefeld is a unique experiment of cooperative self-organization and direct citizens’ participation.

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