Access All Areas

Sustainable city and society is only possible if diversity is there! Inclusion is a process, and it is important to work on creative solutions today in order to create really accessible cities for tomorrow. Our main focus is self-organisation and real examples of projects that contribute to an inclusive society. We have a bottom-up and a very interdisciplinary approach to diversity and inclusion that combines architecture, urban planning, geography, arts and social science.

Interactive and informative “Access All Areas” Workshops in English and German languages are suitable for experts, students as well as school groups who are interested in diversity, inclusion and participation. We recommend to combine a morning tour with a workshop in the afternoon to form a full-day program, but it is also possible to request a workshop only with a duration of 1 to 2,5 hours. Our workshops are focused on an exchange of ideas and dialogue to reflect on what inclusion and diversity really means.

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