Pioneering tours help you discover Berlin’s unique, local initiatives: DIY and open-source-urbanism, COHOUSING, community gardens, ecological architecture, cultural projects and more. With id22: Institute for Creative Sustainability.

Alternative Kreuzberg

Berlin’s Kreuzberg neighborhood has a long history of alternative culture, self-organized initiatives and urban experimentation. This former fringe area of West Berlin, bordering the Berlin Wall, became a central district in a major European city practically overnight in 1990. Urban regeneration experiments, open lots, squats, … » more

mitte prenzlauerberg
Mitte-Prenzlauer Berg

Go behind the scenes with us: these colorful communities on the edges of Mitte, Wedding and Prenzlauer Berg were just a couple of decades ago divided and scarred by the Berlin Wall, with cheap rents and derelict buildings. Local activism and gentrification are now neighbors … » more

Creative Accessibility Tours

Experience Diversity in Mobility! Our creative accessibility tours are an opportunity for people who have not (yet) had experience of physical handicaps to find out what barriers and accessibility really means. School classes, student groups, as well as architects, city planners and companies can benefit … » more

Tempelhofer Feld

In 2008, the operations at Tempelhof Airport ceased and one of the largest urban open spaces in the world was opened to the public after over 100 years of being separated from the city. A diverse range of creative urban pioneers with temporary use agreements … » more

Spreeraum Ost

Experiencing Berlin’s East Spree riverfront means taking a walk on the edge between control and chaos. While the “Mediaspree” plan has proposed to bring in new media companies, global investors and corporate headquarters, citizens’ groups are fighting to maintain public access to the river and … » more

Selbstorga 2 (1)
Self-Organized Housing

Berlin offers a great range of fascinating examples regarding creative COHOUSING projects dealing with current challenges such as rising rents, changes in climate and demography, privatization and individualization. Our housing tours allow participants to get to know Berlin’s DIY, community-oriented housing projects, such as the … » more

Outdoor Walks Indoor Talks
Outdoor Walks-Indoor Talks

Die Tour-Seminare-Kombination We warmly invite you to join our tour: Customized to your interests, we organize outdoor walks combined with indoor talks. Warmly dressed, we discover Berlin’s more adventurous neighborhoods. As with our summer tours, we visit projects and places demonstrating a creative sustainability. And … » more